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The Board of Capital Shopping Centres Group is responsible to all shareholders and stakeholders for the effective control and proper management of the group as a whole. The Board’s overarching objective is to ensure that the group delivers long-term sustainable growth in returns for its shareholders.

Best practice and corporate governance

The Company is required to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the Financial Reporting Council.

The Board is accountable to the Company’s shareholders and other stakeholders for the good conduct of the Company’s aff airs and the information and statements set out in the Corporate Governance Section of the 2011 Annual Report describe how the main principles contained in the Code are applied by the Company.

The Company’s internal procedures are regularly reviewed and updated by the Board and the various relevant Board Committees. Their terms of reference which are the foundation of those procedures specify responsibilities and levels of responsibility. They cover all aspects of the Company’s activities including those relating to fi nancial, operational and compliance controls and risk management. The terms of reference for each of the Audit, Remuneration and Nomination and Review Committees are available on this page.

The Board believes that the internal processes adopted meet the highest standards of accountability and probity.

The Company has also demonstrated a strong commitment to high standards of corporate responsibility, details of which are set out in the CR section of the 2011 Annual Report, which we strongly recommend shareholders to read, and on this website. The Company has been included in the FTSE4Good listing, the JSE SRI index, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and other important CR indices.


Susan Marsden
Company Secretary
Capital Shopping Centres Group PLC
40 Broadway
London SW1H 0BT


Board committees form an important part of the corporate governance structure. Download the terms of reference for the three principle committees here.

Audit Committee pdf (65KB)