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We have clear strategic objectives to ensure the business model is put into action effectively
We provide people with the perfect shopping experience Allowing us to establish enduring relationships with retailers Which delivers long-term growth for CSC And generates returns for shareholders

With shopping centres in the best locations across the country

And by developing and actively managing these centres to provide the right mix of retail, leisure and catering

The powerful footfall that results is a compelling attraction for retailers

While we demonstrate operating excellence, managing our centres to provide the right trading environment

This ensures that occupancy remains strong

And drives rental income over the long term

Our thriving centres are sought-after investments, supporting access to capital and creating value for shareholders


Enabled by the following CSC qualities...

  • A robust capital structure
    Astute financial management to maximise funding options for disciplined 
and shrewd investment.
    See Financial review pages 41 to 47 in the Annual Report
  • Talented employees
    Professional, motivated and empowered teams, specialists in their field, focused on creating mutually-beneficial opportunities and relationships 
with partners.
    See People page 53 in the Annual Report
  • A balanced approach to risk
    Risk management is underpinned by rigorous analysis in the context 
of potential threats to strategic objectives.
    Key risks and uncertainties pages 24 and 25 in the Annual Report
  • A long-term focus
    Creative and collaborative approach to long-term investment and 
growth, facilitated by development expertise and community focus.
    See Corporate responsibility pages 48 to 53 in the Annual Report